How to create a Toastmasters Club

I’ve been a member of Toastmasters International for more than nine years now. I’m convinced that it is one of the best (and indeed the cheapest) ways to improve one’s public speaking ability. About two years ago I wanted to do something new: found a so-called Advanced Toastmasters Club that is geared entirely toward experienced …

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Frankfurt School Bachelor student wins Zonta Award

Zonta Klausman Award

Recently, Anja Unger, one of my Bachelor students who is currently in her last semester at Frankfurt School, received the Jane M. Klausman award from Zonta Club Frankfurt. This award is given to female business students to strengthen the potential of future women business leaders. Anja received the award during a session in the fancy …

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An Advanced Toastmasters Club for Frankfurt

US President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo University in June 2009

Public speaking has long been one of my passions. Speaking has always been an important part of my work and in 2009 I joined Toastmasters International to see how I could increase my capabilities in this field. I’ve been an active member ever since, first in the International Geneva Toastmasters Club and now at Esprit de Corps in Frankfurt. I’ve reached Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) level and am about to reach Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB). Earlier this year I decided to embark on a new project: to set up an Advanced Toastmasters Club.

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Undergraduates train leadership skills in second round of “Creative Complexity”

Students during the Creative Complexity workshop in Heidelberg
Students during the Creative Complexity workshop in Heidelberg

In August, our pilot project “Creative Complexity” at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management went into its second round with the 2012 cohort. The project’s aim is to try new formats and topics for the undergraduate programs to prepare students better for the leadership challenges ahead of them.
This time we went to Heidelberg. In five days we covered three modules with very different topics.

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“Creative Complexity” project starts next week

Next week will be the first workshop block of our “Creative Complexity” pilot project. I will go with 17 students from the 2012 Bachelor cohort at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to Maria Rosenberg, a conference center at a traditional place of pilgrimage about an hour and a half drive Southwest of Frankfurt.

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Preparing Undergraduates for a Dynamic Business World

Globe. Photo: Izabelha.

Business leaders face a world that is much more dynamic than in the past. Business education needs to change to prepare young people for the challenges ahead of them. Therefore, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is launching a pilot project for its undergraduate programs to include new topics into the curriculum.

The project—entitled “Creative Complexity: Preparing for Leadership in a Dynamic World”—will take up to 30 participants each from the 2012 and 2013 intakes on an exciting learning journey. Three five-day workshops during semester breaks will take them out of the normal class environment to explore new topics.

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Global Leadership Fellows

View of Lake Geneva from Eaux-Vives

I just came back from Geneva where I spent two days with friends and fellow alumni of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leadership Fellows Program. It was great catching up with everybody a bit more than a year after I left to take up my current position at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

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