“Creative Complexity” project starts next week

Next week will be the first workshop block of our “Creative Complexity” pilot project. I will go with 17 students from the 2012 Bachelor cohort at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to Maria Rosenberg, a conference center at a traditional place of pilgrimage about an hour and a half drive Southwest of Frankfurt.

We have three modules scheduled: the first two days will be about public speaking. “The Three P’s of Public Speaking” will be facilitated by Kees Broos, a seasoned public speaker who is currently serving as Lieutenant Governor of Toastmasters International for continental Europe.

After that, we’ll spend one day with Jascha Rohr to experience what it means to do “Successful and Agile Collaboration”. Jascha is the Executive Director of the Institute for Participatory Design, an organization that helps design and run meaningful participatory processes, such as in the planning phase of big public infrastructure projects.

The last two days will be around “Leadership from Within”. Participants will learn about themselves through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment (MBTI), get introduced to peer-coaching and experience different dynamics in group settings. Facilitators will be Juraj Ondrejkovic, who is the Associate Director for the Global Leadership Fellows programme at the World Economic Forum in Geneva, and Orsolya Kovács, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and former Director of AIESEC International.

The focus is on experiencing, so participants will be kept busy doing lots of things. The schedule is intense, sometimes going into the late evening hours. Nevertheless, I expect it to be a really great experience for the participants, the facilitators and obviously for myself as well.

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