Public Speaking

Communicating is an essential skill for any leader in business, politics, and society. Nevertheless, for many people, public speaking instills fear. As with any skill, some people are more talented than others, but everybody can enhance their capabilities through training, coaching, and conscious practice.

I teach public speaking to students and professionals. Workshops last between half a day and several days. You learn to speak by doing, so this content is suitable for groups of up to 30 people. I also coach people individually.

The topics that we cover in a workshop vary depending on the interests and needs of the group, but include some or all of the following:

  • Breathing and voice
  • A winning structure for your presentation
  • Tell a story to make it stick – learn and apply different timeless types of storytelling
  • Improvised speaking (speaking “off the cuff”)
  • Body Language – own the room
  • Visualization (how to use and not to use PowerPoint; alternatives to PowerPoint; using flipcharts, pinboards, etc.)