Director of Corporate Development

Frankfurt School Campus

I have been the Director of Corporate Development at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management since October 2019. My team and I advise and support the president in two main areas. For one, we are in charge of the School’s strategy process. In addition, we run projects and initiatives that are strategically important or cut across several areas.

Institutional strategy

Throughout 2020 and the first half of 2021, we developed a new institutional strategy for 2021 to 2026, a process that my team and I set up, structured, and facilitated.

We oversee the strategy’s implementation and monitor our key performance indicators. The cornerstone is seven strategic project teams with colleagues from across the organization. Using Agile project methods, these teams develop innovative ideas to advance our strategic goals. The consulting firm UMS supports us with a pro bono advisory project.

Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence

Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence

I’m in charge of Frankfurt School’s activities in India as the Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of the Indo-German Centre for Business Excellence (IGC), founded in 2021.

The IGC unites people and organizations interested in business relations between India and Germany, the two largest stable democracies in Europe and Asia. We believe in the value of free trade and intellectual exchange between these two like-minded countries. The IGC fosters a deeper understanding and more robust business ties between Germany and India. It supports and engages in research, advisory, community-building, student mobility, and leadership development.