My passion for teaching

Ever since I first taught a course at the University of Heidelberg’s Institute of Political Science in 2004, I’ve been thrilled to help people gain new skills and insights. Since then, I’ve taught and coached university students in Heidelberg and at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, but also a wide range of professionals from politicians in Sudan to staff members at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. I have facilitated workshops and seminars in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Sudan, and Brazil.

There’s only so much you can learn through experience. Therefore, I completed a comprehensive program in higher education didactics, the “Baden-Württemberg Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik” (Baden-Württemberg Certificate of Higher Education Didactics). In about 200 hours of classes, through peer coaching, class evaluations and extensive feedback, I’ve laid the theoretical foundations in teaching methodology that help me set up and deliver great learning experiences for different audiences.

My teaching portfolio

I teach in all areas of my expertise, currently primarily undergraduate, Master and MBA students at Frankfurt School.

Global Affairs

  • Business Diplomacy
  • Geopolitics and international relations
  • India and Indo-German relations
  • Democracy, elections, participation, and governance


Leadership and Strategy

  • Managing digital transformation and disruption
  • Organizational culture, change management and process transformation
  • Corporate strategy and business models
  • Design thinking
  • Customer experience and centricity
  • Scenario development