Public speaking

Public speaking is both a passion and an essential part of my work. Throughout my professional career I’ve had to speak in front of audiences large and small: teaching students and executives, representing my organization at conferences, hosting in-house events and much more.

My interest in public speaking as a field began because I wanted to improve my own skills. I started reading books on how to design better PowerPoint slides, how to structure a coherent presentation and to how to convince others. In 2009, I joined Toastmasters, an organization that has helped me improve my public speaking skills to the point that I now speak freely and comfortably in front of several hundred or more participants.

Gradually, the interest in improving my own skills translated into helping others do the same. Today, I teach both university students and professionals public speaking, rhetoric and presentation. I also do one-on-one coaching for executives.

I’m available as a keynote speaker and moderator for a wide variety of events in English, German or Spanish.

Social Media

Another element of communications is social media. I have a passion for all things tech, and I am fascinated by the possibilities that new technologies offer us. Back in the 1990s (the stone age of the internet) I learned HTML to set up my first own website.

Today, I use platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to spread messages that I care about and communicate with others. They are also great ways to interact with young adults, which are our key target group for the Frankfurt School Bachelor in Business Administration.