An Advanced Toastmasters Club for Frankfurt

Public speaking has long been one of my passions. Speaking has always been an important part of my work and in 2009 I joined Toastmasters International to see how I could increase my capabilities in this field. I’ve been an active member ever since, first in the International Geneva Toastmasters Club and now at Esprit de Corps in Frankfurt. I’ve reached Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) level and am about to reach Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB). Earlier this year I decided to embark on a new project: to set up an Advanced Toastmasters Club.

US President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo University in June 2009
US President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo University in June 2009


My vision is an Advanced Toastmasters Club for Frankfurt and the Rhine/Main region that unites all active advanced Toastmasters with an interest in developing advanced speaking skills, either for their careers as professional speakers or to compete in Toastmasters contests. The Club will meet at least twice every month and provide a space for formats that are different from regular Toastmasters meetings. In particular, there will be more time for in-depth feedback, longer projects and repeated speeches to coach members to achieve higher levels of proficiency.


The mission of the Advanced Club is to provide a platform to members to lift their speaking skills to a level required to become a professional speaker or compete successfully in international Toastmasters contests.

Core values

  • Every Club member is responsible for creating a positive, supportive environment
  • Feedback is always honest
  • The Club strives to achieve highest levels of proficiency in public speaking

Interested? I’ve set up a page with more information, where you can also sign up to receive email updates.