Mastering Public Speaking

Microphone (3:2)

Speaking in public is an essential skill for anyone who aspires a leadership role. For the first time this winter semester, I will offer a full module with 6 ECTS credit points on public speaking at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. It is an elective of the Advanced Study Phase of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

In this module, students will learn the theoretical foundations that underlie oral communication and rhetoric. Primarily, though, this is a hands-on module where students are expected to play an active role. They will be coached throughout using video recording and continuous feedback.

Topics covered will include:

  • Breathing and voice
  • A winning structure for your presentation
  • Tell a story to make it stick – learn and apply different timeless types of storytelling
  • Improvised speaking (speaking “off the cuff”)
  • Body Language – own the room
  • Visualization

After a series of regular sessions at Frankfurt School’s campus, we will meet for an intensive workshop weekend at Kloster Hoechst, a conference facility South-East of Frankfurt in the Odenwald region.

Module Description “Mastering Public Speaking” 2016