BSc Intro Week starts in

Countdown to the 2016 BSc introduction week at Frankfurt School! From 29 August to 2 September we will have a full week of activities to welcome the new intake of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. We are expecting more than 250 students on Campus.

I started introduction programs for the BSc students in 2013 when we spent two days with 80 students in Darmstadt. In 2014, we went to Nuremberg for two days with some 100 students. Last year, for the first time we organized a full week of introduction for the entire cohort. This year, we’ll do the same, just even better than last year! Each year we’ve made the program bigger, more exciting, and more diverse.

The purpose of the introduction week is clear: students should have a great start of this new phase of life. They should get to know each other and Frankfurt School staff, learn some useful skills for their studies ahead and ideally have a lot of fun. Here’s the overview of this year’s program.

Monday, 29 August

  • Welcome by the Program Director and the BSc team
  • Meetings with Study Advisors
  • Introductions by Career Services, Student and Alumni Relations, and the Library
  • Campus Tour

Tuesday, 30 August

  • Workshops
  • Scavenger Hunt through Frankfurt, followed by a social event in the evening

Wednesday, 31 August

  • Workshops

Thursday, 1 September

  • Coffee with 3rd and 7th-semester students (by Concentration)
  • Outdoor Event

Friday, 2 September

  • Workshops
  • Official Opening Ceremony and Barbecue

The Workshops

This year, we’re offering ten different workshops that will each run several times on five different time slots Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students can choose up to three.


In this workshop, you will develop a clear and inspiring plan that includes everything to reach your individual goal. You will understand the importance of setting clear and focused objectives to use your potential effectively. The concrete strategic and time-management tools will help you in personal matters, as well as with the successful completion of your study program or business projects.

Facilitators: Esther Fortmann and Lena Hedemann

How can you prepare for the workplace of the future by finding your real career superpower? In this workshop, Inken and Jörn Hendrik will take the search to find your career super forces and determine which type of career superhero you are. You’ll get a test result, a personal reference and handy tools to develop your career superpower further! Topics will include:

  • Superhero test
  • Superhero networking
  • Your motivational pattern
  • Beating your inner Kryptonite

Facilitators: Inken Arntzen and Jörn Hendrik Ast

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a new approach to personal change and development based the idea of “Immunity to Change” (ITC). The ITC approach distinguishes between two types of change challenges, “technical” and “adaptive”. While “technical” challenges can often be met expanding ones “skillset”, “adaptive” challenges require a change of “mindset”. This requires understanding how our underlying commitments and assumptions may be undermining our best attempts at personal change. By selecting a personal improvement goal and examining it using the ITC process, participants will learn how significant personal change is possible and why attempts at change often fail.

Activities will include guided exercises, group work, sharing by volunteers, group reflection and feedback.

Facilitator: Dr. Michael Parker

How does the attitude of mindfulness help me in university, work, and daily life? In the workshop the attendant will learn about mindfulness itself by actually practicing it while eating something, watching the breath, body sensations or sounds and engaging in some physical activity. We will approach the topic interactively and through 5 to 10-minute lectures about mindfulness, the history of MBSR, the stress model of MBSR and its didactics. Eventually, we get a first-hand taste of what it means to be mindful during our daily activities and how it helps to cope with negative stress.

Facilitator: Lena Raab-Tsering

In daily life, we negotiate on numerous occasions: for prices, projects, our needs and much more. If you take a systematic approach to negotiation, allowing you to understand and reflect upon your personal negotiation style and if you know how to implement various negotiation strategies, you will increase your power to achieve satisfying agreements for all involved parties.

This introductory workshop aims to expand your awareness of negotiation abilities. Film sequences from the series House of Cards will illustrate the main aspects of negotiation.

We will identify and analyze how to avoid typical negotiation mistakes, we will get an idea about psychological factors in negotiation based on the latest neuroscientific research, and we will look at the psychology of influence, based on five key factors.

Facilitator: Anja Henningsmeyer

Poor time management is one of the main obstacles students face. In this workshop you will develop methods that enable you to:

  • be organized
  • do strategic planning
  • get your tasks done to increase your productivity
  • deal with time-killers
  • avoid procrastination
  • stay motivated

Facilitator: Miriam Schenk

Maybe you didn’t know, but you are a brand! No matter where you want to work, you have a professional image, and you cannot just decide not to have one. The only question is whether you influence it or not. Not long ago it was not uncommon to spend an entire career in just one organization. Nowadays, people move more frequently from one employer to another. They are much more likely to change function and the sector. They even shift between government, business, non-profit sector and academia. An excellent opportunity, but it requires constant attention to the way in which we present ourselves as a valuable professional asset.

Conscious Personal branding can help us achieve our career goals! In this workshop, you will learn why personal branding matters and how you can influence the way others perceive you professionally. Through practical exercises, you will plan and immediately put things into action. Topics will include:

  • Become an expert – the importance of content and content-based marketing
  • Everything is social – the use of Social Media
  • Networking online and offline

Facilitator: Dr. Matthias Catón

Public speaking with confidence is an essential competency for any business leader, no matter if you have to talk to an audience of two, two hundred or two thousand. We will explore reasons why this is the case and carry out a self-assessment test to find out what the dominant elements are in your communication.

Public speaking is based on four P’s: Preparation, Practice, Presentation, and Post Analysis. Each P will be highlighted with practical tips, tools on how to improve your competence and confidence as a speaker with hands-on individual and group exercises.

In the third part of the workshop, we will put the experiences of the first two parts to practice with on the spot feedback on your strengths and areas that can be improved, as seen through the lenses of your the audience.

At the end of the workshop, you will have equipped yourself with a toolkit, giving you a raise in competence and confidence as a presenter and public speaker.

Facilitator: Kees Broos

A dynamic, globalized and transparent world requires new forms of collaboration and cooperation to get things done and to make a meaningful contribution. From organizing a small team to tackling global challenges, old hierarchical models just won’t do anymore. The need for innovation and dynamic interaction with our multiple environments is huge and asking for appropriate rapid answers, which can’t be given by a single mind. In this workshop, we will address these issues and search for new ways of successful and agile collaboration.

Participants will be able to identify five major fields of collaboration: people, places, tools, values, and ideas. They will learn how to evaluate each area for a given team or project and will gain an understanding of how to successfully tackle the challenges raised by each field and by their interactive dynamics. Participants will get an understanding of processes and methods of collaboration. They will learn how real collaboration will have an effect on personal, team and global issues and why agile collaboration is a fundamental factor for successful projects.

Facilitator: Jascha Rohr

In this workshop, you will learn about the importance of self-reflection and awareness. You will define a vision for your life and the importance of understanding your values to implement a successful study period and career.

Facilitators: Esther Fortmann and Lena Hedemann


Inken Arntzen
Inken ArntzenSidepreneur
Inken is a sidepreneur and event and community expert. Together with Jörn Hendrik Ast, she founded Superhero-Training, the career institute for the workplace of the future.
Dr. Matthias Catón
Dr. Matthias CatónBSc Program Director
Matthias is the Program Director of the Bachelor of Science at Frankfurt School. With his team, he runs the program with its seven Concentrations and more than 800 students. A political scientist by training, he has held international positions in different organizations, including academia, an intergovernmental organization and the World Economic Forum.
Anja Henningsmeyer
Anja HenningsmeyerManaging Director, Hessen Film and Media Academy, Trainer
Since 2008, Anja is the Managing Director of the Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA), a network of thirteen Hessian universities. She graduated as an art teacher and is certified as Advanced Negotiator by the renowned Schranner Institute, Zurich. She provides seminars for communication skills needed in negotiation, presentation, and business networking: “Communication is a powerful instrument – as long as it is tuned.”
Jascha Rohr
Jascha RohrManaging Director, Institute for Participative Design
Jascha is the Managing Director of the Institute for Participative Design and works as a concept developer, trainer, consultant and facilitator for participative planning and collaborative design processes. His clients include numerous institutions and projects in business, government, and administration. His focus is in the areas of entrepreneurship, governance, and sustainable development. Jascha is an advocate of new modes of thinking and acting and a developer of collaborative methodology so that teams can work more efficient, creative and with a deep sense of purpose and dedication. Jascha holds an M.A. in Sociology and Philosophy.
Jörn Hendrik Ast
Jörn Hendrik AstSolopreneur
Jörn Hendrik is a solopreneur and expert for new work. Together with Inken Arntzen, he founded Superhero-Training, the career institute for the workplace of the future.
Esther Fortmann
Esther FortmannCoach and Trainer
Esther has been working as Coach and Trainer for self-development since 2013. As a specialist for the realization of one’s full potential, she has been working in the field of executive coaching and intercultural teamwork. In previous positions, she worked as an online marketing manager for large corporations and international customers. Esther organized global tradeshows, managed international marketing campaigns, conducted research in the field of business development and trained students in areas of SEO and SEM. She holds a Master of Science degree in International Business and Management from the University of Groningen and is certified by the German Coaching Association (DCV).
Dr. Michael Parker
Dr. Michael ParkerInternational Coach and Trainer
Michael is an international coach and trainer, specializing in presentation and communication training and coaching for personal change and development. His clients include international law firms, consultancies, venture capital firms as well as institutions of higher learning. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in economics, he worked for a law firm in Washington, D.C. Then, returning to graduate school, he earned a Master’s at the Catholic University of America and a PhD from Yale University. In the course of his graduate studies at Yale, he came to Germany as a research scholar. He has taught or lectured in both the United States and in Germany and has published, edited and translated numerous books and academic articles.
Miriam Schenk
Miriam SchenkManagement Trainer
Miriam studied education science in Frankfurt. She has long-term experience in working as a management trainer and coach, dealing with individuals and groups. In 2006, Miriam founded her own business, Seal Education, which specializes in management and team training, personal coaching, and career counseling.
Kees Broos
Kees BroosPublic Speaking Coach
Kees classifies himself as a “versatile world citizen”, having lived in the Netherlands, New Zealand and now Germany. He taught physics and mathematics in the Netherlands, designed and built houses in New Zealand, and then went to Massey University for a Master of Management in Dispute Resolution in 2004, becoming a qualified arbitrator. Currently, he focuses on coaching communication and leadership skills, helping others to improve their public speaking skills. Kees taps into 16 years of experience as a member of Toastmasters International, the non-profit world leader in communication and leadership development. He was a finalist in the Toastmasters European Public Speaking Contest in 2008. In 2014/2015 he was the Toastmasters International District Governor for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.
Lena Hedemann
Lena HedemannCoach and Trainer
Lena is a coach and trainer, specializing in career and executive coaching. She gives intercultural trainings to high-qualified refugees, works as an author for online coaching courses and is an official consultant of the association BVMW. In her previous position, she worked as a project manager for renewable energy trade shows in Thailand, UK, France, Chile, Peru and the Philippines. In 2012, she fulfilled her life dream of traveling around the world and writing a novel. Before this trip, she has been working close to the management board as an international marketing specialist at aleo solar AG (Bosch Group). Lena holds a Bachelor degree in European Studies and Management from the University of Technology of Chemnitz, studied International Marketing at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and is certified by the German Coaching Association (DCV).
Lena Raab-Tsering
Lena Raab-TseringPhysiotherapist and MBSR Teacher
Lena is a licensed MBSR teacher (Institut für Achtsamkeit und Stressbewältigung of Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt). She is also a state examined physiotherapist and has a practice for mindfulness-based physiotherapy and stress and pain coping in Frankfurt. She learned about mindfulness as a student of Tibetan Buddhism and studied Tibetan language and Buddhist texts near Kathmandu/Nepal and near Montpellier/France.