Social Media Guide for Frankfurt School’s new BSc students

Hand with iPhone

Next week you will officially become a part of Frankfurt School when you join us for the BSc introduction week. We are very active on different social media platforms, and I’m pretty sure that most of you are, too.

This little guide gives you an overview of our most important channels and helps you connect with us.


The introduction week has the hashtag #Ready4FS. The general hashtag for the Bachelor program is #FSBachelor. We use those hashtags across all social media platforms and so should you!


Facebook logo

Of course, we are on Facebook. We have pages both for Frankfurt School in general and for the Bachelor of Science program. I encourage you to like both. Many of you are probably already a member of the Facebook group Frankfurt School Future Students 2016. If not, make sure you join. From next week on this will become the official group for the 2016 BSc cohort.

I also have a personal profile on Facebook. My general rule is: if I know you personally, I’m happy to connect. For all Frankfurt School BSc students, I will automatically assume that we know each other personally, even if we haven’t actually talked yet. So if you like, feel free to add me. (Make sure that we can match your username with your real name. If you’re not using your first and second name maybe send me an email, so that I know who you are.)


Twitter logo

Frankfurt School is on Twitter as @FrankfurtSchool. My handle is @mcaton.



Frankfurt School is on Instagram as @frankfurtschoool, and my account is @matthiascaton. How about you? We will hold an Instagram photo competition during the introduction week, and the best photos in different categories will be awarded.



If you don’t have an account yet, it’s probably a good idea to start one now. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. You can find me here if you’d like to connect (same rule applies as described above for Facebook).

If you’d like to know more about using LinkedIn and other platforms for your professional career, join my workshop on Personal Branding during the introduction week. I will offer three slots on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning.



Yeah, Snapchat! This is the hottest thing in the social media universe right now. According to the experts, all Millenials (that is, you!) are there. So, of course, I had to get an account. After struggling a bit with the user interface of the app (maybe I’m too old), I’m quite happy with my account and the feedback.

Many of you have already added me, so if you haven’t yet, consider doing it now. I will continue to provide you with updates and behind-the-scenes looks of my work.