Remembering 9/11

Lower Manhattan with the World Trade Center

Fifteen years ago today the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed literally in front of my eyes. I was in New York City working as an intern on Betsy Gotbaum‘s campaign, who was running for Public Advocate, the city’s second-highest elected office. Despite the traumatic events of that day, the three months were …

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How should the world react to protests in Hong Kong?

Causeway Bay, a busy shopping district in central Hong Kong last week: metal and wooden barricades surround tents; people sit on the floor discussing. Signposts in Chinese and English everywhere. It is “Occupy”, the movement led by students demanding more democracy from their administration and the government in Beijing. There are lots of police, but everything seems to be relaxed. Immediately next to the protest camp shoppers check out the latest smartphones and gold jewellery.

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