A new curriculum for the Frankfurt School Bachelor of Science

We’ve overhauled the first four semesters of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The most noticeable difference is that the core curriculum was strengthened and is now more visible. The core curriculum consists of twelve modules that we teach across all concentrations. This is the foundation of all knowledge that we facilitate in our program. We had a core set of modules before, but it wasn’t evident unless you looked closely.

Core Curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Frankfurt School

By distinguishing between core and specialization modules we want to achieve two things: make it immediately clear and visible what our BSc stands for and at the same time make the differences between the concentrations more obvious. We’ve also made some changes to the content. Both management topics and research methodology now carry more weight.

Unfortunately, curricular changes are a zero-sum game. So, if we added things, what had to go? The number of hours dedicated to language training has been reduced. Do we think learning languages is not important? Far from it! However, we felt that students would be better served by using most of the slots for topics that belong to our core competency. Language, quite frankly, doesn’t.

We believe that students can learn languages equally well at other institutions, and we will encourage them to sign up for extracurricular language classes outside of Frankfurt School. Judith Mader, our Head of Languages, will advise students on the best options.

Overview of the new curricula