This section contains information about past projects and responsibilities to give you an overview of the range of topics that I’ve covered.


The Global Agenda

The Network of Global Agenda Councils (now called Global Future Councils) was launched by the World Economic Forum in 2008. It brings together the world’s foremost experts around the most pressing issues on the global agenda. […]


Global Redesign

How can we solve global challenges such as climate change, monetary imbalances, the sovereign debt crisis, threats from terrorism and failed states? […]


Democracy Support

Democracy support or democracy assistance includes all activities that help to introduce, strengthen or enhance democracy in a country, usually with the help of an international or foreign organization. […]


Creative Complexity

Business leaders face a world that is much more dynamic and complex than in the past. Business education needs reflect this. Content becomes less important than equipping students with skills and tools for the “unknown unknowns”—those challenges they will face in their careers that we don’t know about today. […]