BSc Introduction Week

For most young people, the start of their university studies marks the beginning of an entirely new phase in their life. I wanted to organize something special for the Bachelor of Science students at Frankfurt School to celebrate this transition and ensure everyone felt welcome and at home.

In 2013 my team and I ran the first introduction week for incoming BSc students. Since then, we expanded our program from year to year until we had a week of activities in August under the legendary motto “Get Ready for the Frankfurt School Experience”.

During the week, students received lots of practical information. They could attend workshops on useful topics for their studies and careers. We had social events, a big teambuilding challenge, and the academic year’s official opening ceremony, followed by a big barbecue and party.

Today, similar introductory offerings are part of every degree program at Frankfurt School.

BSc Welcome Brochure 2018

A Great Start to University (2014)
The BSc Introduction Week: Welcome to your new home! (2017)