Welcoming the 2019 Bachelor intake at Frankfurt School

Earlier this month, 268 new students began their university studies at Frankfurt School in the Bachelor (BSc) in Business Administration. As usual, the BSc team welcomed them with a full week of socializing, useful workshops, a big teambuilding challenge, and the official opening ceremony.

The intake size is just one student shy of last year’s record intake (269). With our new students, we currently have 955 degree-seeking Bachelor of Science students inscribed at Frankfurt School—more than ever before. Good that we have our new Campus on Adickesallee!

I’m pleased that almost a third of the new students are female. That’s still not parity but a significant increase compared to the slightly more than 20% we had a couple of years ago. More than 30% of the new students have a non-German passport. The strong growth in international applicants shows that our program is internationally competitive.