New Advanced Study Phase for Frankfurt School’s Undergraduate Business Programs

We have completely overhauled the structure and the contents of the Bachelor advanced study phase at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, that is, the last two semesters of the programs. In a nutshell, undergraduate students in our seven different business and management programs now have a vastly broader choice of topics, they have more freedom when selecting courses and classes will be in English by default.

Thematic areas of the Advanced Study Phase of Frankfurt School’s Bachelor programs

The new system will launch in spring 2014. From then on the courses will be structured in four thematic areas plus some specialised modules for certain programs. The areas are:

  1. Finance and Banking with all things financial
  2. Managing Organisations with management topics ranging from Human Resources to Marketing, Operations Management and more
  3. Economics, which has an array of Economics-related courses including trade, monetary policy, and econometrics
  4. Business and Society, with everything about the relations between a company and its environment, such as corporate social responsibility, legal issues, stakeholder management, intercultural competencies and so on.

Students can focus on any of those areas or choose a generalist path. For details about the selection process and descriptions of all courses you can read the document below. You can also watch the video where I present the new structure to students at an event in June. The presentation is in German, though.

With the changes we’ve made a big step towards making the Bachelor programs even more attractive, especially internationally. We finally have a really significant number of undergraduate courses taught in English—almost all of the advanced ones are exclusively in English and most of the introductory and intermediary ones are offered both in German and in English. In total, the share of undergraduate courses taught in English has risen from 15% to almost 60% within two years.

Here is a list of all courses currently taught in Frankfurt School’s undergraduate programs (87 in total).