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Maybe you didn’t know, but you are a brand! No matter where you work, you have a professional image, and you cannot just decide not to have one. The only question is whether you influence it or not.

Not long ago it was not uncommon to spend an entire career in just one organization. Nowadays, people move more frequently from one employer to another. They are much more likely to change function and the sector. They even shift between government, business, non-profit sector and academia. An excellent opportunity, but it requires constant attention to the way in which we present ourselves as a valuable professional asset.

Conscious Personal branding can help us achieve our career goals!

In this module, you will learn why personal branding matters and how you can influence the way others perceive you professionally. Through practical exercises, you will plan and immediately put things into action. Topics typically include:

  • Personal branding – the story of your life
  • Become an expert – the importance of content and content-based marketing
  • Everything is social – the use of Social Media
  • Networking online and offline

I have offered this as half- and full-day workshops for different audiences, such as Business students at Frankfurt School and to members of the Toastmasters International community.

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A very well presented workshop
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This content can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. From a thirty-minute talk to an interactive workshop lasting between half a day and several days, almost everything is possible.
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