Frankfurt School is frequently looking for freelance adjunct lecturers to support our core faculty by teaching full or partial courses in our Bachelor in Business Administration. Most of our adjunct lecturers are practitioners, but we also work with researchers and professors from other academic institutions.

Please note that these openings are freelance positions, not temporary or permanent employment. That being said, our aim is to establish long-term relationships with our lecturers and many of them stay with us for years.

We are looking for adjunct lecturers to teach two types of courses. Courses from the Basic Study Phase are introductory or on an intermediary level. The curriculum is fixed, as we offer most courses multiple times in parallel. You will receive general guidelines as to what to teach and in most cases also support material such as a textbook, slides, etc.

Electives from the Advanced Study Phase in the final year of the program are advanced in nature. Here, there is often more flexibility when it comes to topics and structure of the course. In some cases, we may also require you to develop the content of the course yourself. While this allows for a lot of academic freedom, it is only suitable for people with considerable teaching experience in higher education.

We teach a course to small groups of usually 40 to 60 students. Teaching language is English unless stated otherwise.

You are either qualified through your research or your professional experience. As a researcher, you will have a doctorate and regularly publish in your field of expertise, preferably in peer-reviewed journals. As a professional, you have a Master’s degree followed by several years of ongoing and current senior-level work experience.

Prior teaching experience in higher education is desirable and in some cases—where you will be responsible for the course content yourself—indispensable. We expect you to have an excellent command of the teaching language of your course (either English or German).

All courses take place on our Campus in Frankfurt. We structure the classes in the BSc in blocks of four academic hours (of 45 minutes each) from Monday to Saturday. The time slots are as follows:

  • 08:45 to 12:00
  • 13:15 to 16:30
  • 17:00 to 20:15

A full course consists of eleven of those sessions within a seven-week long quarter. Click here for more information about the time structure. We will try to accommodate your time preferences, but the more flexible you can be the easier it will be to assign you a course.

As a freelance lecturer, you will receive an honorarium, and we will also cover travel expenses, if necessary. Payments are tax-free up to 2,400 € per year (so-called “Übungsleiterpauschale” § 3 (26) EStG).

Current openings

In der Veranstaltung wird Studierenden im ersten Semester des Grundstudiums eine Einführung in die BWL gegeben.


  • Einführung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre
  • Das Umfeld der Unternehmung
  • Entscheidungsfindung
  • Planung und Strategie
  • Organisationsstruktur
  • Organisationskultur
  • Motivation
  • Führung
  • Teamarbeit
  • Controlling

Das Modul wird auf Deutsch unterrichtet. Englischsprachige Materialien stehen zur Verfügung und können teilweise direkt eingesetzt werden bzw. werden von der Frankfurt School noch übersetzt.

Umfang: 11 Veranstaltungen à 4 akademische Stunden

Erstmaliger Einsatzzeitraum: Oktober bis Dezember 2019