Bringing people together to exchange ideas is one of the most powerful ways to foster innovation and instill change. However, doing it right is not easy. Too many conferences are dull events filled with uninspiring keynote speeches and boring panels. Events need to be carefully orchestrated to generate insight and bring lasting value to participants.

I’ve been involved in organizing international events since I worked for International IDEA in Stockholm. I probably learned the most about collaborative insight and event design during my time at the World Economic Forum. The Forum is the world’s foremost platform for exchange between high-level representatives from business, government, academia, and society. It is arguably the most professional organization when it comes to designing meaningful interactions.

As Program Director at a leading business school, my focus is predominantly on designing more extensive academic degree programs. Nevertheless, I also develop shorter events, such as the workshops in the Creative Complexity series and our yearly introduction week for incoming Bachelor students.

As founder and Charter President of Professional Speakers Frankfurt and as Area Director for Toastmasters International Area D95-F3 I frequently organize and run workshops, speech contests, and training sessions.