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The general structure

Frankfurt School’s Bachelor of Science operates with two semesters per year: a fall/winter and a spring/summer semester. Both semesters consist of two quarters each. Every quarter has seven weeks of teaching (Q4 has eight weeks due to the number of holidays in it) followed by an exam week.

The definition of the calendar weeks follows ISO 8601 which defines week 1 to be the week with the year’s first Thursday in it. You can use an online converter to determine the exact dates.

Fall/winter semester

  • Q1: weeks 36 to 42, exams in week 43
  • Q2: weeks 44 to 50, exams in week 51

Spring/summer semester

  • Q3: weeks 6 to 12, exams in week 13
  • Q4: weeks 14 to 21, exams in week 22

For first semester students, the optional math pre-course takes place in week 34 and the introduction week is in week 35.

Students in the block time model (BWL and WP) have a different structure during the basic study phase (semesters 1 to 4):

  • 1st semester: weeks 43 to 50, exams in week 51
  • 2nd semester: weeks 13 to 21, exams in week 22
  • 3rd semester: weeks 36 to 42, exams in week 43 and week 51
  • 4th semester: weeks 13 to 21, exams in week 22

Dates for next semesters

Fall/winter 2017

Math pre-course (optional, incoming cohort): 21 August to 24 August
Introduction week (incoming cohort): 28 August to 1 September

Q1: 4 September to 28 October
Q2: 30 October to 23 December

Spring/summer 2018

Q3: 5 February to 31 March
Q4: 2 April to 2 June

Fall/winter 2018

Math pre-course (optional, incoming cohort): 20 August to 23 August
Introduction week (incoming cohort): 27 August to 31 August

Q1: 3 September to 27 October
Q2: 29 October to 22 December

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