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  • Frankfurt School receives two most prestigious accreditation seals for Business Schools

    EQUIS and AACSB logos

    It’s official: a few weeks after the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management received official accreditation by the AACSB we’ve now been informed that we’ve also been awarded the EQUIS seal.

    AACSB and EQUIS are the two most important accreditations for Business Schools worldwide. Only very few universities hold both accreditations. In Germany, apart from us, there are only two others (if you are curious: it’s the University of Mannheim and WHU Otto Beisheim School of Business).

    Achieving accreditation is a process that stretches over several years. The School’s undergraduate program—representing more than half of the student body—was centrally involved in all reviews and I’m proud that I could contribute to this success as the Program Director responsible.

    The accreditations will help raise the School’s visibility, in particular abroad. All potential students can now rely on two well-recognized independent bodies and be sure that choosing Frankfurt School will be an excellent decision.

  • Undergraduate scholarships at Frankfurt School

    Student at Frankfurt School library

    Student at Frankfurt School library

    The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, one of Germany’s leading Business Schools, is offering two full scholarships for undergraduate (Bachelor) students starting in August 2014.

    One scholarship will go to a graduate of a German School Abroad (“Deutsche Auslandsschule”) and another one to a graduate from an IB (International Baccalaureate) school. The scholarships are for three of the School’s seven Bachelor majors: International Business Administration (IBA), Business Administration (BBA) and Management, Philosophy & Economics (MPE). Classes in IBA and BBA are fully in English, while in MPE they are partly in German and partly in English.

    Deadline for application is 31 May 2014. In addition to the documents required for placement applicants need to produce a one to two minute video explaining why they would like to study at Frankfurt School.

    Campus of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    Campus of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

  • Video about the Bachelor of Science at Frankfurt School

    We’ve just released a six-minute video presenting our Bachelor of Science program at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. I’m quite happy about it (and a bit proud). We hope that it will give prospective students a good impression of the School and the undergraduate program with its seven different majors.

    This is especially important as we continue to increase the number of international students, many of whom for practical reasons cannot easily come and experience our Business School first-hand before deciding to enrol.

  • All-new introduction week for incoming Frankfurt School Bachelor students

    Frankfurt School Bachelor students at the high-rope course in Darmstadt

    Frankfurt School Bachelor students at the high-rope course in Darmstadt

    This year we tried out something new for the introduction week in three of our undergraduate programs. Students of the Bachelor in International Business Administration, Business Administration and Management, Philosophy & Economics went to the nearby city of Darmstadt for two and a half days to “Get Ready for the Frankfurt School Experience”, as we called the workshop.

    Almost 80 students signed up and in the end we had to turn down some late registrations due to lack of space. After some fun activities meant to break the ice and enable students to get to know each other, participants cycled through different interactive workshops.

    Roman Kessler, a veteran journalist and PR professional, ran the WritingLab, where he dealt with writing different forms of text ranging from a 140 character Tweet to a business report or a Bachelor thesis.

    Kees Broos, currently the Lieutenant Governor for Education and Training in Continental Europe at Toastmasters International, and I ran a SpeechLab, where we exposed students to different topics around public speaking and presentation. Kees dealt primarily with opening and closing a speech and I worked with participants on using body language and on improvised speaking.

    The next day we took the group to the high-rope course Kletterwald Darmstadt, where students had to perform different exercises in groups. The challenges were meant to be both fun and teach the students something about the importance of team-work and team-building. At the barbecue afterwards students invariably agreed that this was a real highlight.

    Introduction Workshop 2013 for Undergraduate students

    Introduction Workshop 2013 for Undergraduate students

    The last day I held a workshop to help students get started at university and navigate the jungle of academia, primarily with respect to research methods.

    This time it was a pilot that we organised as part of the Creative Complexity project. However, I believe that we should look into making something similar happen next year again—and maybe even for the entire cohort.

    Workshop photo set on Facebook